While the seller endeavors to provide accurate information on all vehicles for sale, the seller shall not be responsible in the event of incorrect description, authenticity and/or defects being provided.

All vehicles have been researched and inspected to the best of the sellers ability, however these vehicles have long since exceeded their original life expectancy and/or mechanical tolerances, making it impossible for the seller to offer any guarantee or warranty whether expressed, written or implied, in respect to any part of the vehicle, namely but not restricted to mechanical soundness, structure, patina or historical value.

These are decades old mechanical marvels, these are not new or even nearly new vehicles, they may break if driven and therefore the seller assumes no responsibility for any mechanical repairs required regardless of any oral statements made.

While the seller will make every effort to disclose any known defects at time of sale, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to fully inspect the vehicle and be satisfied with its condition. The buyer assumes responsibility for all defects known and unknown by the seller and/or buyer at the time of sale.