With almost 65 years experience in the motor industry, Boland’s of Clondalkin are utilising our wealth of knowledge of all things vehicular to bring this much needed portal to classic car and motorbike enthusiasts.

Our website, https://www.bolandsclassics.ie, and in particular this Facebook page, will give vintage car and motorbike lovers an avenue to not only buy or sell their classic vehicle but also showcase their collections, big and small. This will be a community to offer advice, parts/services and, most importantly, the stories that make these vehicles such incredible pieces of history.

Boland’s of Clondalkin was founded by Jim Boland, a man renowned in the motor industry, who’s own history is also steeped in vintage mechanics. Jim’s vintage car collection, built over decades, has not only captured the attention of worldwide enthusiasts but also, closer to home, that of his grandsons. They are now taking over the mantel and have created this platform to build a community for all classic car and motorbike admirers